pantheon part 1

Here’s the first in what I hope will be a series of posts in which I simply barf up a bunch of images of some notables who have influenced me (in one way or another, usually for good) during the course of my life.  Everybody gets a sentence or so … to be continued …

Julian Assange, Mercedes Sosa, Dennis Cooper, William Gibson, Joe Orton, JRR Tolkien, Vladamir Nabokov, Elaine Pagels, Desmond Tutu
pantheon, part 1

From left to right, top to bottom:

Julian Assange:  n years trapped in a crappy embassy in London because … truth — jacked up by the CIA but (to use Shirley Chisholm’s moto) un-bossed and un-bought.  Seems to be getting tired, but wouldn’t you be.
Mercedes Sosa:  Cambia lo superficial, cambia también lo profundo, cambia el modo de pensar, cambia todo en este mundo
Dennis Cooper:  obviously queer-insane, sings my song, NSFW, high all day long <– probably none of this is true.
William Gibson:  made me want to be a coder so I could help give birth to his worlds
Joe Orton:  Before his tragic end at the hands of his boyfriend, made plays that make my body malfunction with pleasure and glee — also spent several months in jail for defacing Her Majesty’s library books in excellent ways.
JRR Tolkien:  If I could swap worlds.
Vladamir Nabokov: the Lionel Messi of words — if Messi played two sports.
Elaine Pagels:  The only books on theology I’ve ever read that have been impossible to put down.
Bishop Desmond Tutu: A good man, a brave man, a funny man.

pantheon part 1

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