Mania: a short reading list

My family is no stranger to mania.  It’s killed or threatened at least one of us in the last three generations, and along with a corresponding (and perhaps causally related) tendency towards addiction of various flavors, it’s ruined and altered lives, both of those it has directly affected, and those who have had to live along side the manics of our strange clan.  Here are a few books related (some tangentially, most directly) to mania and its causes.  Each has helped me understand this disease from a slightly different angle.

Kay Jamison, a psychiatrist, found herself descending into mania and depression.  An Unquiet Mind is her story.
Marbles:  Ellen Furney’s amazing graphic novel about her journey with depression and mania.
While the City Slept, Eli Sanders’ book about the murder of Teresa Butz and the undiagnosed wasted life of her killer, Isaiah Kalebu
Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 1.30.37 PM
Playing the Manic game — it’s an academic paper, but it’s a must read for anyone who loves someone with mania.



Mania: a short reading list

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