Seattle 10th and Pine February night


I love my city.  I took this photo in the Pike/Pine part of Capitol Hill in Seattle just the other night.  Pike/Pine has become an infamous hive of gentrification these last several years.  It’s pretty much the familiar story — a place that used to house artists, fringe theaters and dingy coffee shops but now serves evermore as a playground for young techies with way too much money and not enough experience.  I took the photo just after passing a huge mob of people outside a club.  Turns out some local guy was playing inside — probably an unannounced gig.  This happens sometimes in Seattle:  we have just enough local bigwigs that some artist-of-national-note will sometimes show up in a medium sized or smaller club and play an impromptu date.  But whatever.  I’m not a huge popular music fan (Same Love aside, I can’t keep it all straight in my own head, and besides most of it is terrible music) but I am a fan of scenes like this:  big mobs of people on the sidewalk … hot-dog man setup in their midst, rain coming down, cold-but-not-freezing.  And by the way, hot dogs in Seattle look like this:

Cream cheese is the Seattle Way
Seattle 10th and Pine February night

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