Being and doing 

The dicho so often pulled out by wise ones, that we are human beings, not human doings, has worn well thin. For of course I feel like both a human being and someone who does stuff, and this is the way we all are — even the monk chops wood.  But the saying has a way of calling me back into questioning whether the two parts of my personality are in balance.  If I don’t question this myself, then my body, or the circumstances of my life have a way of doing the questioning for me — they have done so lately.  Too much doing can make me sick or deprived of sleep, or stressed out.  I’ve rarely if ever experienced an excess in being (perhaps in my young and wandering days in India?) but I can imagine a sort of dull or sloth setting in after too much of introspection, too much inward-gazing, too much aimlessness.


a view from my place of doing a few weeks ago
I could use some additional balance right now.  And perhaps this will be my resolution for the week:  some being, some doing, some being, some doing.

Being and doing 

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